Hearing aids and assistive devices are available for children and adults who are considered to be low income or very low income. Currently the financial standard is at or below 250% of the federal poverty level with limited savings.

How do I qualify for the program?

Complete an application to verify your financial information. Contact our office for  an application.

Do I need to have a hearing test?

Yes, you will need a hearing test completed by a licensed Audiologist within 6 months of the hearing aid fitting. This is generally covered by your health insurance. This service is available from Atlantic Hearing Care or we can refer you to a local Audiologist.

What is included with the initial fitting?

We include the hearing aid evaluation, fitting, ear molds or domes as needed, orientation to use and care, batteries and office visits for the first year.

Why is there a co-pay for the hearing aids?

Value increases when there is a fee for medical items. The fee is on a sliding scale and represents your commitment to using the devices and attending all appointments.  The fee goes to the North Shore Hearing Foundation and helps us offer the same opportunity to the next person.