Our Story

North Shore Hearing Foundation was started by Audiologist Joan McCormack to fulfill her passion to bring quality hearing care and devices to those who are under insured or of very low income.  Dr. McCormack and her colleagues at Atlantic Hearing Care have long recognized the need for a program to bridge the gap between those eligible for Medicaid and those who have the financial resources to purchase quality hearing devices.

How do we make this happen?

Through our partnership with Atlantic Hearing Care we  receive donations of professional services as well as office space.

Local Councils on Aging and other social service workers assist in identifying prospective candidates for the program and helping them complete the financial aid application. The hearing aids are not free, individuals pay a small portion of the cost based on a sliding scale.

Several of the large hearing aid manufacturers have discounted and donated hearing aids and related supplies.

We rely on donations from individuals, charitable foundations, civic groups and area businesses to fund the program.